Hour Long Interview with Filmmaker Julie Dash

If you know film than you know the name Julie Dash, and if you don’t than you should get familiar.

Julia Dash was raised in Queens, New York.  At the age of 17 she began to study filmmaking at the Studio Museum in Harlem.  She later continued her studies at the Leonard Davis Center for the Performing Arts at CCNY.  After graduating with her Bachelor of Arts degree she headed over to the Center for Advanced Film Studies at the American Film Institute (AFI).julie dash  There she had the opportunity to assist filmmakers including Jan Kadar, Slavko Vorkapich and William Friedkin.  Julia then attended graduate school at the UCLA Film School where she became a part of the L.A rebellion movement. The L.A. Rebellion was a movement of black filmmakers who were attending UCLA and strived to create a new film genre.  Films that did a better job of accurately sharing  and expressing african-american characters, experiences and lifestyles.  Hollywood would often demonize, victimize or otherwise, falsely portray african-american characters.

She’s best known for ‘Daughters of the dust’ the first ever full-length film by an african-american female director to get standard theatrical release.