Kendrick Lamar’s Earth Shattering 2016 Grammy Performance

Kendrick Lamar left not only the the grammys with 5 awards but also left it’s tens of millions of viewers with a mind blowing performance, one that won’t be soon forgotten.  He hit the stage chained and shackled to perform the first verse of ‘Blacker The Berry’ accompanied by his band members who were all confined to jail cells.  Rid of the chains, Kendrick transitions into another track from his ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ album, ‘Alright’. He closes the show with a never before heard track in which he discusses the death of Trayvon Martin and the repercussions that an unjust trial has had on him personally as well as society.

His performance was immediately followed by a massive standing ovation.

There’s a lot of history that comes along with Hip-Hop.  Since it’s creation, it’s core message hasn’t changed at all, but the sound that it’s wrapped in and the voices that it’s delivered by are constantly evolving.  It’s easy for many to see a performance as powerful as this one and discredit or even criticize it simply because they don’t understand what they’re witnessing.  It takes time to learn a language.