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49 Black Owned Banks

black Americans currently generate $1 trillion in collective buying power… Money filters out of black communities quicker than any other demographic. A dollar circulates within its own Asian community for a month, while a black dollar leaves the community in just…

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Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Detained in South Africa

Last Friday Yasiin Bey was detained by South African government officials while trying to leave the country with what’s being called a fake passport.  The travel document that is now in question is called a World […]

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Bernie Sanders Interviewed by Rapper Killer Mike

Senator Bernie Sanders takes a seat in Killer Mike’s barber shop where they discuss  Dr. MLK, socialism, unity, Trump, gun control and much more. part 1/6: minimal standard of living, “richest country in the world, highest […]

People React to Being Called Beautiful – Shea Glover

18 Year old Shea Glover captured the emotion filled responses of people as she randomly approaches them then informs them that they’re beautiful. “I’m taking pictures of things I find beautiful” Shea tells them.  Each person is caught completely off guard followed by […]